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Let’s face it. Pillows haven’t been very face-friendly. Until..
Ideal for face-down sleeping position and sleeping mark prevention.


Face Pillow to your skin pampering routine.

Porous surface of Face Pillow feels as if it’s your second skin, soft, supple and pliant to your real skin.

The cover is made of non-wrinkle, 4-way stretch fabric that does not put stress on your skin or leave marks.

Made of natural latex from rubber tree.

Face Pillow is made of 100% natural latex. Natural latex is breathable, doesn’t trap heat or moisture creating a clean, dry, cool sleeping surface.

Face Pillow is made with talalay production method. Only talalay method can make latex foam so soft and flexible that it molds to your facial structure and ears.

Face Pillow is ideal for post-surgical facial care.

Size : Multiple sizes
Color : Natural color