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Summer Duvet

No more sweaty night.

Special features :

Are you the kind of person who never gets cold but can’t do without blankets? This Summer Duvet is just for you. The softness soothes your senses while its lightness does not warm you up.

Who is it for.
If you often have sweaty nights, go for Summer Duvets.

What is in the package.
1 Summer Duvet.

Service :

ReFit-ReFresh-ReStart service
To keep the duvet fresh and clean and to dispose of it properly when it expires, we offer the following services:-

ReFit – If you feel that the duvet is too light and you need more filling, we can add more the filling for you at a small fee.

ReFresh – within the first year, we offer fiber refill service to keep the duvet full, soft and warm like new at a small fee.

ReStart – When it’s time for a new duvet (when the fabric is noticeably yellowish and the fiber loses fluffiness), bring the duvet back to us to recycle the old fiber and fabric making them useful as something else.


Save 10% when buy 10,000 or more
Single Size 70x90 in.
King Size 90x100 in.

Duvet shell fabric :
Cool side : Crisp, non-slip 100% cotton weaved and finished with SEAL™ technique that prevents dust mite at 99.6% rate with no added chemicals.
Warm side : 100% polyester fabric with peach-skin finishing technique that makes the fabric velvety and soft to the skin.

Filling : 100% Hollogel® Fiber. Soft and resilient fiber. Hypoallergenic. Machine washable and dryable.

Care Instructions

Daily care : Fluff daily after use.

Monthly care : Pick the most sunny day to sunbath your duvet. Fluff it throughly. Let it absorb the heat.

Washing the Duvet : Follow care instruction in product guide.

Size Guide

Available in 2 sizes :
70×90 in. or 175×225 cm. for single sized bed, or single-person use.
90×100 in. or 225×250 cm. for queen/king sized bed or two-person use.

Additional information

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Single Size 70×90 in., King Size 90×100 in.


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