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Cushion your lumbar when your mattress can’t.
Put on top of hard mattresses to add more support in your lumbar.

Make hard, stiff mattress more comfortable by putting 7-Zone Comforter on top of it. Each zone’s firmness corresponds to body part it supports. Lumbar support is denser, buttock support less dense, and leg support wide and thick. It fills in all the gaps between your body and the mattress.. The result is no-pressure, no-pain-points sleep.

  • Made of 100% cotton shell, filled with Elasta fiber. Elasta fiber is soft yet supportive fiber, odorless and machine washable and dryable.
  • Designed in long column for even spread of fiber and easy care.

  • Denser in lumbar zone to fit the arc of your lower back.

  • Wider in leg zone to fit perfectly under your thighs.

  • Follow the “Head, Lumbar, Feet” label when placing the topper on your mattress.

Size : N/A
Color : White

Lumbar and buttock zones.

You can turn a not-so-comfortable mattress into a really comfy, cozy one. 7-Zone Comforter closes the gap under your lumbar and smooth out the roughness of the mattress.

Leg zone.

7-Zone Comforter maps your body and recreates a more comfortable sleeping surface that accommodates every part of body.