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Makes a hard unyielding mattress more conscious to your body. Prevent pain spots. Eliminate pressure points.
Soften a hard, unyielding mattress. Relieve pain spots on your joints and bony areas.


  • Eliminates pressure points especially on bone-prominent areas such as shoulders, hip, coccyx by acting like muscles that cushion you from impacts with hard mattress. 
  • Gently support your body without sucking you in. 
  • Adapts automatically to body shapes.
  • Keep you in good alignment still because of the appropriate thickness we choose to design BodyBalm. 
  • Ideal to be used on hard or firm mattress.


  • Made of Aero-elastic foam, new technology of memory foam that maintains the same firmness regardless of changes in surrounding temperature.
  • Encased in cotton blended with viscose fabric.
  • Removable cover for easy maintenance.
  • Lightweight. 5-cm thick. 
Size : N/A
Color : White


Soft and Safe.

When do you need a topper to soften your mattress:  

  • When the mattress presses against you causing pain points.
  • There’s a gap between your lower back and mattress.
  • You feel some heat or discomfort in your coccyx or your tailbone when you sleep on your back.
  • You feel that the soft part of your mattress is only on the surface and not deeper.