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Figured™ One Mattress

Figured™ One Mattress is the softest in Figured™ Mattress collection. It suits petite and thin person. The mattress is designed to neutralize spine alignment and lessen pressure points in bone prominent areas such as shoulders, hip and coccyx.
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Special features :

Figured™ Mattresses are a collection of 5 mattresses ranging from softest to firmest ones. The firmness is designed by physical therapist with over 8 years of experience in designing pillows and mattress firmness for people with differerent body sizes.

Physical therapist uses technique of interlocking two different foam densities to achieve desirable firmness and comfort levels.

Figured™ One Mattress is the softest in the collection. It suits petite and thin person. The mattress is designed to neutralize spine alignment and lessen pressure points in bone prominent areas such as shoulders, hip and coccyx.

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Service :

Warranty : 10 Years

New mattress effect
Your body takes some time (can take up to 15 days) to adjust to the new mattress especially when you go from very soft to firm or hard to softer mattress. Do not be alarm if you experience some discomfort and allow some time for your body to adjust for the better.

This warranty does not cover
Mattress fabric i.e. stains, burns ,pilling, or loose covers
Normal body indentations less than 30 mm.
Seams, border wires
Changes in colors of the material.
Issues relating to comfort preference such as the mattress being too firm or too soft. These are not qualified as a manufacturing fault. Adjusting the comfort to fit personal choice is subjected to an extra charge.
Issues relating to heat
Bedding sold “As is”
Bed Height
Bedsheet Fit
New bed smell / odor
Damage due to usage.
Mattress found with mould, dampness and in unsanitary condition.
Mattress damage due to an inappropriate foundation.
Minor manufacturing anomalies that do not impact the performance of the bed (i.e. mis-stitching on quilting).


Twin 3F
Single 3.5F
Queen 5F
King 6F

Inside Figured™ One Mattress

Support and Comfort Layer : 3-inch thick Interlocking Aero-Elastic Foam. Soft like memory foam, but does not sink you. Excellent pressure relief. Soothe pain points and prevent harsh impact on your body. At the same time, it does not limit movement in bed.

Body Balancing Layer : Made of “Active Foam”, a latex-like foam that mimics the resilience of latex foam. Active Foam helps maintain spine natural alignment by balancing support between high and lower body weight areas. It stops the heaviest part of your body from sinking too deep in the mattress and compromising your whole body alignment. The mattress is soft yet stablized. .

Foundation : High density non-memory foam provides firm and steady foundation to the mid and top layer of the mattress. Firm foundation minimizes reverberation of your movement. Foam is also light-weighted and mildly flexible which makes the whole mattress lighter and easier to manage.

Care Instructions

Remove the outter cover and wash when need.
Machine wash warm
Tumble dry low heat

Leave the inner cover on for easier handling when putting the outter cover back on.

Size Guide

Figured™ One Mattress is 10-inch or 25-cm thick, available in 4 sizes.
Twin 36×78 in. or 90×200 cm.
Single 42×78 in. or 105×200 cm.
Queen 60×78 in. or 150×200 cm.
King 72×78 in. or 180×200 cm.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Twin 3F, Single 3.5F, Queen 5F, King 6F


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