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Reform the comfort. Correct the curve. Orthocurve is what contour pillows should look like.
Orthocurve fits the corner of your neck and shoulder where most pillows missed. The result is perfectly supported cervical spine. Comes with adjustable pads.


Orthocurve betters the curve of regular contour pillow, make it more fitting, more accommodating to body/muscle/bone position.

Here’s how Orthocurve deals with neck pain.

The ergonomic curves

Orthocurve’s sharper shoulder curve accurately contours to the base of your neck  and along the outline of your shoulder, providing maximum support. Other pillows where this curve is round and protruding pushes  your shoulder out of its supporting range.

Adjustable pads.

Orthocurves come with two pads. You can add pads to make pillow thicker if you have wider shoulder.

Size : 62x39x15 cm
Color : white


Good for all positions.

Mild curve is for back sleeping. All 7 bones of your cervical spine are supported by the pillow.